New Page: Textures!

I’ve reorganized the site a little bit today, and added some more filmmaking freebies to accompany the templates and other film resources. I create textures compulsively, because I always prefer to use my own material whenever possible. Now I’m sharing some of my favorite textures with you! All of the images on the new texture page are free to use under a Creative Commons 0 license, however you cannot sell or redistribute them as your own. If there is enough interest, I may create larger packs of textures for sale in the future.

What are textures for? Textures and photos can be used in a variety of creative ways, but I primarily use them for graphic design, motion graphics, and VFX. A title screen, for example, can be blended with a grungy concrete to go from bland to epic:

Texture Example

I mostly use this technique in Photoshop or After Effects, but you can also blend textures in video editing software. To achieve something like the title above, place the texture on a layer above your title and change the texture’s blending/transfer mode to “overlay.” I have also included elements such as clouds and facades that I would use for sky replacements, chroma keying, etc.

I’ll keep adding to the free texture page, so check back periodically to get some fresh ones!


What do you think?

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