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I make films, watch films, and study filmmaking relentlessly. Every day, I make a mistake or learn from someone else’s. These mistakes are my teachers. “Filmmaking: Unedited” is a repository for the tips and resources I gather along the way, so that I might remember them myself and share them with beginners and experienced filmmakers. I also share my original templates. These resources are free to you, but there are links around the site that help me keep it running (read more below). Thanks for visiting! -Aaron

Aaron Pate is a freelance multimedia artist. Contact information and portfolio at www.aarondpate.com

Copyright/legal Stuff: This blog and its original content are the property of the Aaron Pate, except where otherwise noted. Please quote or link to this blog as much as you’d like. To make your life easier, many of the templates and images on this site are provided under a Creative Commons 0 license, but only where indicated. “Creative Commons 0” means giving me credit is always appreciated, but never necessary. However, please do not sell or claim these materials as your own work (that’s just lazy thuggery). If you create an original work using these materials, you can use it for personal or even commercial use. For example, you can design an album cover using my concrete texture as the background, but you cannot create an album cover consisting of just the concrete texture alone. I use these materials in my own work, and staying original helps me make a living, so consider how original your work is before you publish. The advice on this blog is for entertainment purposes and does not constitute legal advice. The blog author is not responsible for any decisions nor confusion resulting from the content of this blog and content linked from this blog. Some links on this website are advertisements, and do not necessarily reflect the interests or opinions of the blog author, nor do they imply endorsement. If you have any questions or concerns about the use of materials on this blog, contact me via the comment boxes around the site – I’ll be thrilled to help.

Ads, Affiliate Programs and Donations: To keep me making films and blogging about it, I have monetized “Filmmaking: Unedited” in several ways. All of these things help me out tremendously and don’t cost my readers anything. I am extremely grateful for everyone who visits these links on their way to a purchase, thank you!

  1. WordPress Ads: The random (and likely unrelated) ads that you see on this site are created by WordPress to ensure that all I have to invest in this blog is time and energy.
  2. Zazzle Ads: The ads for film-themed designs like the banner below are for cool stuff I created on Zazzle, a print-on-demand site. They print and manage your customized order, I get a 25% commission for the design, and it boosts my ego!Film Shirts Banner
  3. Amazon Links: “Aaron is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.com.” When I discuss relevant books, equipment, and accessories, you may see a link to Amazon. I get a commission when you use these links, but it does not affect the price for you.
  4. Donations: If you’re feeling really generous you can donate to this site with this link: Donate

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