Freelance Filmmaker

It has been a few months since I’ve posted, but I have an explanation for you!

On a non-filmmaking note, I have gotten married, taken a couple trips, moved, worked extensively on house renovation and gardening tasks, and relaxed (sparingly) inbetween. However, those items are beyond the focus of this blog, so in the world of filmmaking…

I have also left my full-time job to devote my energy to freelancing full-time; my transition was motivated by personal goals to challenge myself, to work with a diverse group of clients, and above all, to create. This move required a lot of my time and creativity, especially in updating my portfolio and reels at to provide clear examples of my work. All of this has kept me away from this blog, but I’m back!

So, what does this mean for you?

First, I hope to continue to find time to post here, but I may begin to talk more about specific projects. This should make for more interesting and useful information!

Second, I am available to collaborate. If I have your contact information, I can reach out to you when I need extra cast/crew or when my plate is too full to accept a potential gig. I hope you’ll reach out to me as well.

Third, I am available for hire. We form a tight network in this small community, and I am grateful for all of the referrals, job leads, and creative opportunities my friends have sent my way over the years. Please get in touch with me, or share my information anytime I might be an asset to someone else.

I have worked from a P.A. to a camera operator; no role is too big or small. I am primarily advertising my skills in commercial video production, live event recording, cinematography, camera operation, visual effects, animation/motion graphics, photo editing/restoration/manipulation, and video editing.

I look forward to working together with new people. Contact me through my website for questions about my availability and rates, or just to chat. If you’re a crew-member near the upstate of South Carolina, send me your contact information, availability, skillset, and proficiency. A link to your portfolio or reels would be excellent.